Bound to Die

When a prominent Seattle businessman is found hanging naked in a dominatrix’s studio, lead Detective Court Pearson is pressured to find a fast, quiet solution to the man’s death. Court’s investigation uncovers secrets within his own department and raises the ghosts that linger from the suicide of his wife—all details he fights to keep quiet as a leaker goes public. To make matters worse, his new partner resents his fast rise through the ranks as Seattle’s only transmale homicide detective, and his lead suspect begins to look like a target for murder.

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State of Mind

FROM FIVE STAR REVIEW: This is the brand new (just published 1/21/15) novel by my favorite author of medical mysteries/drama. Lawrence W. Gold. MD now author extraordinaire will keep you captivated with the story lines in all his novels. I have read every one of his novels so far. You don’t have to worry about reading this series in order–they are all stand alone. Dr. Gold, with his vast knowledge of the medical profession writes about timely topics within a fictional setting. State of Mind is about research and the ethical problems that can arise–especially when dealing with psychiatric problems. Dr. Kimberly Powell, a Ph.D. in neuropsychology, works in a research lab trying to understand the roots of violence by stimulating the brains of aggressive rats to reduce their savagery. Her successes lead to phase I safety trials in volunteers and prisoners, and then to phase II and III studies in patients. Soon it becomes clear that Kim’s brain stimulating techniques, besides controlling aggression, offer the potential to cure a number of medical problems including Parkinson’s disease, depression, PTSD, and many others. When the court instructs her to treat a psychopathic killer, she’s appalled. What would such a killer, if cured, still owe to his victims and to society? The ethical implications of the research and especially its application on humans are substantial, but so, too, is her altruistic desire to help. Where is the balance and how far and how fast should these trials proceed-and, at what cost?

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Just months before Hawaii’s gubernatorial primary election, a body is found on the floor of the open air capitol, a macabre scene specifically manipulated to draw attention to a sitting governor with waning political support. Frantic, he calls on the Honolulu Chief of Police Walter Tseng, demanding that the perpetrator be brought to justice as swiftly and silently as possible, fearful a scandal might destroy whatever chance he still has at gaining re-election.

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False Dawn

The client admits he killed a man… His lawyer doesn’t believe him… The truth is buried beneath a conspiracy of theft and murder. Linebacker-turned-lawyer Jake Lassiter heads to Havana and untangles a deadly plot involving the CIA, Fidel Castro, and the Russian government. “Realistic, gritty, fun.”– New York Times Book Review “Entertainingly audacious” — Kirkus Reviews “A highly entertaining yarn filled with wry humor.” — Detroit Free Press “Mystery writing at its very, very best.” — Larry King, USA Today

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Death Hampton

Tough, street-wise NYPD detective Neil Jericho, burnt out after years working violent homicide and drug cases in East Harlem, transfers to the police department of peaceful, posh East Hampton. “Death Hampton” is a murder mystery in which readers know, or think they know whodunit, while the detective does not. However, in the end, it turns out that nothing is as it seems. Book 1 of the Detective Jericho series “Marks provides his intriguing principal characters with solid backgrounds without lingering too long on irrelevant minutiae, and he puts the central mystery front and center from the start. The relationship between Jericho and Susannah gives the book a good, romantic spark. The whodunit initially seems straightforward, but it offers surprise twists that add further dimension to the characters. A fast-paced mystery with plenty of action and colorful characters”- Kirkus reviews

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Vengeance and Forgiveness

Vengeance the instinctive desire to get back at the source of one’s injury is generally accompanied by the moral emotion of resentment and indignation, which are also natural psychological reactions. They arise when an individual suffers a non-trivial injury (Physical or mental) that was inflicted without excuse or justification. As an individual feels threatened. We hope then to impose punishment. Forgiveness comes later, if ever.

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A Change of Hate

Sometimes, the most tragic casualties of war are those who survive…

Harrison “Hawk Bennett, defense lawyer and former Green Beret, finds himself entangled in a broad government conspiracy.

Spanning the time from his Special Ops missions in Vietnam to the present, Hawk finds himself representing a Buddhist Monk accused of murdering a CIA official.

Nothing is ever as it seems and the past is but a memory away…

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