Ryan: Jagged Edge Series #8

Following the same routine, day in and day out, Charlie Winters was about to give up on getting the break she deserved. Things begin to look up when her brother Nick suggested she to come to New York to work at his landscaping company. Moving from the small town of Cedar Grove to the big Apple was everything Charlie dreamed of, until her brother witnessed a brutal murder, which put his life in danger. Charlie would do everything she could to protect him even if it meant contacting the boy she fell in love with as a teenager.

Leaving the only girl, he had ever loved, the last thing Ryan Hyatt expected was to run into her, especially in Manhattan. Regretting his decision to push her away after he had enlisted in the military, he tried to make it up to her by offering to protect her brother Nick. When tragedy stuck, he soon found that his brother Josh may have been involved. Ryan would stop at nothing to protect the woman he would never stopped loving.

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Sunsets and New Beginnings

Mandi Waters had the worst day ever. She lost her job, found her fiance in bed with her best friend, then discovered he’d been stealing from her. She seeks refuge with her beloved aunt in the peaceful seaside town of Heaven’s Beach. Her ability to trust may be in tatters, but the handsome businessman with the surfer boy looks, might have her reconsidering.

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Traded: Brody and Kara

Brody Mullen is the best quarterback in the AFL, and his Super Bowl win only confirms what he’s suspected his entire career: romantic entanglements are bad for his game. No women. No sex. No problems. But after hiring a beautiful nurse to care for his mother, his resolve begins to weaken.

The small coastal town of Cliffside Bay, California seems like the perfect place to start over for Kara Eaton. Shielded by her new identity from the Witness Protection Program, she takes a job as a nurse and commits to never speaking of her past, lest she risk losing her life. The only problem? Falling for the handsome football player who hires her.

The first installment of The Cliffside Bay Series by bestselling author Tess Thompson follows the interwoven stories of five best friends, the beach community they love, and the women who captivate them. Prepare to get lost in a wave of small town charm, men you want to take home to your mother, and smart, resilient heroines you wished lived next door.

The Cliffside Bay Series will include multiple volumes of sweet romance, all of which may be read and enjoyed as standalones!

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Midnight And Orchids

They are divided by religion, and yet the passion is overwhelming. Something’s got to give. Will he choose her? After the disaster with Tranquility, Zahara Chandler is looking to get her life back in order, and to forget all about Hunter. He’s chosen Pamela, and that’s that. She throws herself into her work, studying ancient Egypt in the flesh despite the dangers. But back in the twenty-fourth century, the Institute needs her to avert a looming crisis, a conflict with the True Christians over time-travel. Zahara engages in a public debate with Aland D’ Amario, a man oozing with confidence in his outdated beliefs, one whose eyes are chips of anthracite that haunt Zahara’s dreams. As passion overtakes them, Zahara and Aland discover something more in each other than that first strained meeting would have suggested. But his reservations about time travel run deep, and the grip of the True Christians on him is strong. Zahara may just have to fight for him, just as he fights for her. Will love conquer all? Midnight and Orchids is the third booknin a romantic time-travel series. If you like love stories that demand sacrifice for the ultimate reward, then you’ll love L Rita St. Claire’s latest addition to the Love Blues Series.

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Love and Other Hazards

Love and Other Hazards is a novel about urban singles stumbling toward fulfillment in an odyssey of sex, love, and parenting.

Glenda Fieldston is at the Metropolitan Museum of Art with her seven-year-old daughter, Astrid, when Eugene Lerman comes walking by with his eight-year-old daughter, Meredith, a schoolmate of Astrid’s. The families spot each other, Glenda and Eugene engage in long-range cursory assessments, and then they go their separate ways.

But not for long. Glenda and Eugene cross paths professionally soon after, and circumstances at work bring them into close association. So begins a friendship fraught with complications. Glenda’s independence is self-imposed and fierce. Eugene’s was foisted on him by a wife who left him. Although Glenda’s and Eugene’s personal demons are incompatible, their longings are, confoundedly, in harmony. Their cautious friendship is further inhibited by past and present relationships, and it remains to be seen if they can break out of their set ways to make a break for uncharted love.

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Winner Takes All

Bryn Beckett was always meant to be mine. Fate took her away from me.
I need to claim her, make her moan my name and regret the day she kissed me and ran away.

But I’m a dirty-talking bad boy mechanic. She’s a lawyer. We’re from different worlds.
Short of winning the lottery, there’s nothing I can do to get her.

But my number is up. The good kind. And I’m an instant billionaire, overnight.

You’d think it’s a blessing—winning all that cash, and being the hottest badass in town.
But that’s a damn lie. It’s a curse.

There are scammers and gold diggers stalking, threatening, following me.
I’m stronger than that, and my family is protected.

When Bryn enters the picture, shit gets complicated.

She’s a target, too.

And when she’s in danger, I realize our love is not some childish game.
I’ll risk everything to keep her safe—and the life growing inside of her.
Either I win, and keep it all.

Or I lose everything.

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The Heat – A Thrilling Alpha Billionaire Romance

Ali Pearson used to be a bad girl. She spent her college years off the rails. She played hard, drank hard and loved hard. When Ali got a last chance to turn her around life, she took it. But when Ali comes face to face with the college’s new wealthy benefactor, billionaire businessman Sebastian Clements, she is fascinated and deeply attracted to him. She knows it’s wrong. She knows it’s dangerous. But Ali is soon ready to risk it all for pure hot passion. Sebastian Clements is a man used to power. He knows what he wants and how to get it. When Sebastian sees Ali for the first time, it sparks a fire of desire which might consume them both. Ali gets an opportunity to learn about the infamous billionaire. An opportunity she deeply wants, but might deeply regret. Because Sebastian Clements has much more than passion in mind… The Heat of temptation is back in Ali’s life. The lure of danger is calling. But this danger is about more than passion. Sebastian Clements is not what he seems. He has a dark secret…and it involves the people and places dear to Ali’s heart.

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Beyond Repair

Loveable, scatty, beautiful, bubbly Katie: with her huge sense of fun and innate kindness everybody thinks she’s adorable. Well, everybody it seems but Sam. Sam is anything but bubbly. His surly personality is the complete opposite of Katie’s, and, over the six years she has known him for one thing has become clear to Katie: Sam cannot stand her.

Katie may be bubbly and bright but unfortunately her past is not, and it’s started leaking into her present. She hides her fear from her friends as they have problems of their own, but when Sam finds out the potential danger she’s in, for some reason he is furious.

Sam knows he should stay away from her but he simply can’t stand by if Katie is in danger; he can’t allow her to be hurt. Unfortunately there are other ways to be hurt, and by getting closer to Katie, Sam may inflict more damage than her past ever could.

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Ain’t Love Grand?

The Healer vs. the Lawyer. Energy healer, Persephone Jones, has a new neighbor in Peeler, Oklahoma-corporate lawyer, Jason Brooks. She bans white sugar; he’s a chocolate cookie connoisseur. She’s about saving Mother Earth while he protects the interests of Big Business. Their attraction is mutual, but disturbing. And life gets even more complicated when the whole town is caught in a conflict that pits these two on opposite sides of a political fence. It would take a Christmas miracle to bring them together.

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Bring the Heat

New York Times and USA Today Best Seller, L. Wilder, brings you a fun, new romance that will leave you smiling long after the last page. Tucker Michaels could bring the heat, striking out anyone who stepped up to the plate, and he was burning up the big leagues. At least, that’s what I was told. I had no idea who Tucker Michaels was, and I honestly didn’t care. From the moment I met him, I thought he was an arrogant, smart-mouthed jerk. I’ll admit he was hot–if you’re into those gorgeous, athletic types, but there was no mistaking the way he looked at me, like I was about to be his next grand slam. Unfortunately for him, he was about to be the one to strike out. I had no interest in playing games, especially when he was helping my little brother’s baseball team. But after a week from hell and one too many drinks, I was starting to see another side of the sexy, charismatic player.

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