Meriel’s Guide to Unpredictable Seals

When out-of-work Meriel, still reeling from an unexpected divorce, sees a seal in the Thames, a long-forgotten, childhood memory begins to surface. Curious, she researches grey seals and discovers they are being shot by salmon farmers in Scotland to protect their stock. As she takes up their cause, embarking on an impulsive affair with a Scottish fisherman along the way, she gets drawn into a group of animal rights activists who are not what they seem. Her challenge to save the local seals begins and, as she risks everything to stop the shootings, she discovers not just the watery secret of her past but that the world holds more magic than she could ever believe.

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Curandero is a novel chronicling one patient’s challenging journey into the realm of mind-body medicine. Terminally ill at only twenty-seven years of age, Stefan Campeau has exhausted established treatment protocols to fight his disease, and inadvertently falls into the hands of enigmatic oncologist Dr. Miguel Calderon and controversial young herbalist Dr. Brian Sandler. Working in concurrence with each other, the two doctors’ therapies catapult Stefan into an unsettling unscrambling of his inner self, leading to a healing beyond his imagining. Curandero is a compilation of true experiences interwoven into a fictitious story.

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