Forever Charmed

Being named Halloween makes it easy to be a witch, but it doesn’t make being a witch easy. A newly inherited large home seems like the perfect Bed and Breakfast opportunity, especially one spooky night when a handsome guest shows up at the front door. But that is just one of the many mysteries Halloween is now dealing with in her old house. Light romance, mysteries within mysteries, ghosts, humor, and witches of all types inhabit the world of Halloween LaVeau and these 8 cozy witch mystery books.

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How to Date a Witch

Werewolf and paranormal matchmaker extraordinaire Rylie Cruz has a romance emergency. A witch comes to Rylie needing a date ASAP! That’s when things get exceptionally hairy. The witch’s date disappears, and other strange events occur… like Rylie being stalked by a dangerous witch, and a hunk on a motorcycle with unknown motives. Rylie’s a werewolf, not a witch. How’s she supposed to fight witchcraft?

Nevertheless, Rylie has to solve the mystery or her days of howling at the moon are over. Actually, her days of everything will be over.

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